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    Trading Russian Tortoise CB Hatchling

    Wondering if anyone has any other breed of tortoise they would like to trade for a Russian tortoise hatchling. I have a couple that hatched in June 2021 and some that hatched in July 2021. Would consider adult or other hatchlings. Only breeds I wont consider is sulcata right now. I am located in...
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    Looking to buy Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise!

    I have some hatchlings that will be ready for a new home in August. Feel free to check out my Facebook page LRZcreations for pictures and info.
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    CB Russian Tortoise hatchlings

    I have some Russian tortoise hatchlings that will be ready for new homes in August. I am currently taking deposits for anyone interested. They are $200 each plus overnight shipping via FedEx (anywhere between $40-75). Local pick up welcome as well. I’m located in TX south of Dallas. Deposits are...
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    Christmas gifts/ ornaments

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    Christmas gifts/ ornaments

    Sorry, I guess it wont allow me to post pictures from my phone right now. Here is a link to the pictures though so hopefully that helps. I will keep looking into how to get the pictures to show up...
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    Christmas gifts/ ornaments

    I have a few ornaments left if anyone is interested. Shatter proof with a glitter image and your tortoise’s name on them. See pictures attached. Send me a message if interested! Colors are red and a shiny green.
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    Beak trimming

    Mikey my male Russian tortoise had his beak trimmed this morning. He was much easier to handle than I thought he would be, although he still was not happy with me about it. After a warm soak and a little extra treat he seemed to forgive me! It seems all my male Russian tortoise ps that I have...
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    Eggs on Mothers Day!

    I always get nervous I will add too much water to the substrate and cause the eggs to sweat, so I just pour water in my incubator in the tray at the bottom of it. I have also set a cup of water in it before. I know some people say to put a damp paper towel over the eggs and put a lid with air...
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    Eggs on Mothers Day!

    Congrats on your egg! I assume you mean star and not stat, I would love have a breeding pair of stars one day. I have had good luck with my hovabator incubator. I keep temps between 86-88 depending on if I'm trying to get more females or even ratio of male to female. It was hard for me to find...
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    Eggs on Mothers Day!

    So excited that my girl Ellie finally decided to lay her first clutch of the season Sunday. Last season we got 2 clutches from her, but never any development unfortunately. She had been pacing and digging test nests for about a week now so I'm glad she finally laid with no problems. Crossing...
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    New girl Zia

    I don't have them houses in pairs. I have 1 male 4 females, but separations in enclosure to split them all up. I had her with the male during feeding so I could do some clean up on her enclosure. I watch them carefully and often to prevent fighting. During breeding season I watch very closely...
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    New girl Zia

    We adopted Zia about a month ago from a member on here and she is doing great! She has warmed right up to us and comes out of hiding as soon as she hears me walking out to her pen. She is eating healthy and seems to be enjoying spending her days outside. Thanks again @Zia Girl for letting us...
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    Best US state for Russian to reside?

    I am in Texas and have been keeping my Russians outside most of the year and they do very well. I do move them inside for extreme weather and the coldest parts of the winter. They feed on a lot of the natural weeds we have and I have had successful breeding of them as well.
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    Moving to Belize, Can't take my Red Foot Pair. Free to Good Home

    I am located in the Dallas area of Texas and have been looking for a breeding pair of redfoots. We raise Russian tortoises and I have multiple large outdoor enclosures.
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    New tortoise in the family!

    Thanks! I'm really happy with her smooth shell growth. I have taken in some other females who didn't have proper care when they were younger and you can tell by their uneven shell growth.