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    Re-homing 3 toe female Ohio

    Small rehome fee. Looking to Re-home a female 11 year old 3 toe box turtle. Experienced keepers only. I got her when she was 3 & she has never hibernated. Pick up only in Northern Ohio. I will not ship. Healthy with a good appetite. She is shy. Spends all summer outside and winter in. Please...
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    Looks perfect. The color variation is normal.
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    Suddenly Sleepy Russian

    Russians do tend to slow down and sleep more this time of year, even those that you do not hibernate.
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    Soil mites in enclosure. Need to worry?

    Could just be springtails which are common and harmless. They will eat waste and mold.
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    Tortoise mouth bleeding maybe??

    Do you have a picture of his mouth?
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    New outside digs

    Thanks! That is the big barn. It doesn't go all the way though but I thought it would make a good hide since it stays mostly shady over there.
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    New outside digs

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    New outside digs

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    New outside digs

    Thanks :)
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    New outside digs

    Seemed like it took forever but it's just about done. Need to section off a bit for my Russian but it is 36x36 and his barn is 12x16. He has a heated night box inside the barn for night. Hugo is 4 and pushing 45lbs. I want to transplant some hostas, mallow, and chicory in there yet & we are...
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    Building Clyde's adult enclosure

    Not sure how hostas hold up to Oklahoma Heat but they're a go to for me in my outdoor enclosures. The torts don't seem to snack on them much but they're perfectly safe if they do. They spread like crazy and provide good shade cover since they grow in clusters.
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    Russian Tort habitat?

    For my Russian I used a mix of Coco coir and Fir bark. It's up to your individual preference and your environmental situations. I needed something that held moisture more which is why I have a thick layer of Coco coir with the fir bark on top. Bigger is better for these guys they need a lot of...
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    Tortoise won't eat

    If you can get her to eat aloe, cucumber, or prickly pear cactus pads they act as laxatives.
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    Tortoise won't eat

    Dont do the dog food. There is all kinds of additives in therr that will not help your torts situation. Have you tried baby food soaks? Add a jar or two of squash baby food to your warm soak water. This will help get nutrients into him. The calcium powder can wait a bit until he is eating on his...
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    Early Christmas Present!!!