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    Keeping shallow water aquarium/paludarium clean?

    The best part about that DIY above-tank filter is if you use hydroton for your bio media, you can grow plants in it too :D. I have a peace lily in mine, but pothos and lucky bamboo are very popular as well. Something like this. You can see lots of other examples on google...
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    My new Three-Striped Mud Turtles

    I'm using the Tetra Whisper 40i in-tank filter. Once they're bigger and I move them into the larger tank with a higher water level, I'll add in a DIY overflow mechanical/biological filter as well.
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    My new Three-Striped Mud Turtles

    After almost a year of trying to decide between the different muds and musks and going to two reptile shows fully intending to purchase one but no sellers had any, I ordered two three-striped mud turtle hatchlings from Robert and Trish. They got here Thursday morning and after letting the rest...
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    Comment by 'Kadaan' in media 'Box Turtle hatchling'

    @JWineastKY I'm pretty sure it's an eastern box turtle, but not 100% positive.
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    Comment by 'Kadaan' in media 'What is this?'

    That's a Pink Alpinia, usually just called "pink ginger" or "shell ginger". Most of the time you see it in red.
  6. Three-toed Box Turtles

    Three-toed Box Turtles

  7. Leopard Tortoise hatchling

    Leopard Tortoise hatchling

  8. Box turtle hatchling

    Box turtle hatchling

  9. Box Turtle hatchling

    Box Turtle hatchling

  10. NARBC 2014

    NARBC 2014

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    NARBC 2014

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    NARBC 2014

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    NARBC 2014

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    NARBC 2014

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    NARBC 2014