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    How to obliterate caterpillars?

    Looks like cabbage worms. They are harmless, but annoying! No spines, so probably won't harm your tort if it eats them. Spray BT on your radishes and cabbage and other plants that are affected. The caterpillars will ingest it as they feed on the plants and once internalized, the BT crystals...
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    Moving Homes with Tortoise

    I use a canvas tote to transport my tort. I line it with a thick layer of towels and under a couple layers of towels I place a Snuggle Safe. The Snuggle Safe (look up on Amazon) is a reusable disc that can be heated in microwave (follow directions on time). It will stay warm up to 10 hours...
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    How to obliterate caterpillars?

    If they have spines, better to not let your torts eat them. The spines can work their way out of the GI tract and cause internal damage, including abscesses. Avoid malathion near torts. BT ok but needs to be applied to something the caterpillars will eat, so need to figure out what plant/tree...
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    Help, tortoise injured by dog

    Thank you for helping this tort. Please get it to a veterinarian or local animal health worker as soon as possible. In the meantime, you need to provide supportive care and as others have indicated, keep the wounds free of flies and infection. Keep the tortoise in a safe, confined area with a...
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    Broken leg

    Good that you Good that you were able to get radiographs. Is there an open wound?
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    Sickle pod?

    There are many wild legumes (podded beans or peas or leaves/stems). Most are highly toxic. So it's best to avoid feeding all foraged or wild legumes unless they are ones like string beans meant human consumption as it can be difficult to differentiate the toxic vs. non-toxic species.
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    I think my tort has Fly strike!

    Fly strike involves presence of fly eggs or larvae within a wound site. Take your tort in to a trusted vet--best way to figure this out is to obtain samples of the lesion for microscopic examination.
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    seven hour drive w/ tortoise

    I do what Tom suggests with the soaks and towels and I use a Snuggle Safe. These are microwaveable discs that hold heat for ~10 hours. If you find a microwave along the way, you can reheat for a short time (~1 min. vs. initial heat time of ~3 min. or bring a backup disc)--especially important...
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    HELLLPPP!! Torts covered in ticks

    That's a start. Hopefully you got those three off. So sorry for the torts. What you'd need to do to get photos is take a few of the dead ones and lay them out so you can get a good close up of the top and then flip them over and do the same with the bottom. Need to be able to look at mouth...
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    HELLLPPP!! Torts covered in ticks

    That's fantastic! I think it's still important to figure out what these ticks are so that you can take precautions to ensure you don't have any lingering and to be on the lookout for any diseases the ticks may have transferred to the torts. But need close up photos of top and bottom of a few...
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    HELLLPPP!! Torts covered in ticks

    I would strongly advise against using any chemical treatment. While chemical treatment seems easy it may also be irreversible. Physical treatment will get rid of these ticks. Unless one is expert with the dosing, route of use and type of permethrin or other acaracide in the particular...
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    HELLLPPP!! Torts covered in ticks

    Double-sided tape is good as an additional barrier, but definitely do the water moat as well. Get some photos so we can figure out the type of tick. That will tell us what type of hosts it uses, etc. It's unlikely that you have to worry about the ticks reproducing within a short time span...
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    HELLLPPP!! Torts covered in ticks

    I would advise against heating the ticks--this can aerosolize infectious agents the ticks may be harboring. As someone else indicated make sure to wash your hands with soap and water after handling the ticks and take care to not squash the ticks.
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    HELLLPPP!! Torts covered in ticks

    Can you get close up photos of top and bottom side of ticks? If you could get photos of small ones and big ones that would be really helpful for identification. Definitely keep these torts confined in an area with no substrate. It is extremely important to not let any of these ticks escape...
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    Help!! My Hermann’s has worms!!

    You need to seek veterinary care for this tort--using a drug meant for another animal without the guidance of a vet is not right.