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    Alternative to Tortoise Bites - need more vitamin A

    I’m interested also because mine also has issues with its beak.
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    Lesson learned!

    Thank you for the gentle reminder that I also need to soak my Russians more 💚
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    Beak help please

    That’s possibly what needs to happen, theres only one exotic vet here and I think it’s time to look elsewhere. Thank you!
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    Beak help please

    I do chop all of his food, I was worried he wasn’t eating enough. He has an exceptional appetite.
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    Beak help please

    My little Munchkin was given up by his original owner due to becoming paralyzed for reasons unknown to me, in both back legs but that doesn’t stop him or even slow him down! The issue I have is his beak grows abnormally fast, I take him to the vet to have it smoothed down but watching tears...
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    We’re picking him up tomorrow!

    Wow he is tiny 💚 best of everything to all of you, I feel he’s in really good hands. Btw, I’m wondering does anyone s give their sully a carrot soak or is that mainly for turtles? Thanks in advance.
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    Swollen tail

    It very well could be a prolapse meaning the insides are coming out, please take it to a good reptile vet as quickly as possible.