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    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    My isopods are here . Thanks to Rus from aquarimax. Orange powders and white outs
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    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    I’m looking into buying a radiant heat panel from . I’m not sure what wattage I’ll need. My tank is 40x21x18. Can anyone recommend which one I should buy or if there’s a better brand or site I should look into ?
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    Leonardo di Borneo

    Does giving him a warm soak help to invigorate his appetite ?
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    Redfoot tortoise survey for research / tort enrichment thread

    I came across this survey on a facebook group (Redfoot Tortoise Fanatics) and I found it pretty interesting. I got it done easily in 10 minutes and it was pretty thought provoking to me. It...
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    Tips on how I can further Improve my enclosure?

    Looks amazing to me ! What kind of plant is that tree ? I’m also thinking of adding some moss to my enclosure. How often do you have to replace it ?
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    When to upgrade redfoot enclosure??

    Those frames look perfect. Investigating now lol
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    Help with ID - Redfoot I believe

    Post more pics after a few months of TLC !
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    Predators/Plants/Habitat for RF

    Relevent video. Part one and two. Crazy how you just mentioned Kenan doesn’t seem to have raccoon problems. Things are a menace.
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    Really white cherry head

    WOW! Those red scales are so vibrant. Lucky to have such a gorgeous tort.
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    Murphy's Mugshots

    Are you worried about any predators getting in there? I just was watching a video of how raccoons ate over 10 of Kenan’s turtles and now I’m going to be paranoid for life. Absolutely beautiful enclosure btw!
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    What am I doing wrong? Humidity hating tortoise lol

    They love to ruin all our plans don’t they. Maybe put a cover on the entire enclosure and make the whole thing humid.
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    What a REDFOOT can eat....

    Ah makes sense. Thanks for the info I appreciate it.
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    What a REDFOOT can eat....

    Yea we were talking about tomatoes though. I don’t see anything in that article about about diet.
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    What a REDFOOT can eat....

    Everything I’ve read says not to feed them , but obviously yours do ok with them so who knows.
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    What a REDFOOT can eat....

    I thought we can’t do tomatoes.