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    Hiding a lot.

    Huh. So, it was never soft or anything like that. It just looks like scars, but it had spread further out from the time I got her to when I stated treatment. There’s no crumbly feeling or anything. It looks like scratches in her plastron more or less. I’ll post photos later today.
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    Hiding a lot.

    She’s still interested in eating. I just have to pull her out of her cave first. After that, she’s pretty active. She’s acting like a broody teenager who doesn’t want to get up for school lol. Also, @ZEROPILOT I’ve been putting the athletes foot cream on her shell for a while per your advice...
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    Hiding a lot.

    For about the last week or so, Pearl has kind of slowed down her activity. She wants to spend most of her day in her little humid hide. The conditions in her enclosure are spot on (80-100% humidity, above 80 temps). I’m wondering if it’s because she knows winter is coming? Or should I be...
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    New member, learning how to post!!

    Awesome! I have a juvenile red foot, she’s my babe 🥰
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    New member, learning how to post!!

    Hi, and welcome! Tortoise people are my people too ❤️ I’ve been here for a few months now and that’s really the first post that I saw that seemed like the drama of Facebook. So, I wouldn’t say that’s the usual type of thing here at all! The people here are super quick to offer advice because we...
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    need help finding a bigger terrarium

    It’s probably going to be cheaper to build your own, based on the advice I’ve seen here. @ZEROPILOT may know someone though!
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    Russian Tortoise free

    Following! I’m in TN. If you can’t find someone local I would be willing to meet you halfway 🙂
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    What to feed a redfoot?

    My red foot is slightly picky with greens. She’s not a fan of kale (same), but she lovvvvves collards (same... fate?)... and clover.
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    What to feed a redfoot?

    True. I’m fairly certain Pearl would eat me if I perished and wasn’t found for a while. Like the old lady who’s eaten by her own cats, but the tortoise version.
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    Pickle’s thread

    My Pearl does this too when she naps in her favorite spot.
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    Comment by 'Flimflambimbam' in media 'H3.jpeg'

    Omg that’s so cute I wanna die. I want to kiss it’s little noggin.
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    Rehoming a Red Footed Tortoise

    She’s so precious. I would love to give her a home, but I’m in Tennessee. I hope whoever you find gives her as much love and patience as you have ❤️
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