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    What to add?

    Thanks! should i just put little pots with edible plants?
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    What to add?

    Below is my enclosure (lined with a shower liner/curtain) So I think my female russian is bored because she tries to climb the corners. A little while ago she actually flipped on her back by trying this. What can I do/add to keep her mind off trying to climb the corners? Thanks! (sorry if this...
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    New pics!

    REALLY!? what a compliment! :D
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    New pics!

    Here are some new pics of my female russian! 3 photos in link
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    Dry Shell? Flaking Scute?

    thanks yvonne ill try that
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    Dry Shell? Flaking Scute?

    My russian tortoises shell looks really dry and the 2 upper middle scutes look like they are gonna flake off. Its kind of hard to see because i have a crappy camera phone. But the 2 upper middle scutes look like theres a little space between the bottom of them and the carapace. Does this look...
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    Always trying to escape?

    Thanks Yvonne and Tom you guys rock!
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    Always trying to escape?

    I give her like 30 minutes in the sun supervised a day (gonna stop in the next few months since i live in new england) but when shes outside all she does is chow on mallow and plantain, she doesn't adventure. Then indoors she adventures trying to escape! im hopefully building her a bigger table...
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    Always trying to escape?

    I have my female Russian in a plastic under-the-bed storage bin (obviously its not under the bed now that shes in it. And she is constantly trying to climb the sides. The container is that white-seethroughish material that storage bins are sometimes made of. I understand they don't understand...
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    Spring Mix?

    So I've heard Spring Mix is a good choice to feed tortoises. I have a Russian Tortoise and I just wanted to ask if the ingredients in the mix i picked up is okay to eat because i have seen spring mixes with different stuff. So is the following good to eat and a good variety for my Russian...
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    Jethra's Before and Afters New enclosure (PIC HEAVY)

    Looks great! Only suggestion I have is to maybe put a couple inches of tape or something opaque a few inches up the sides so that the tortoise knows it cant get out. Tortoises don't understand the concept of glass and will continue to bump into it.
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    Size of Tank

    The kind of tortoise may help :P :D
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    Enclosure Liner?

    So I read people saying to use a shower curtain or something of the like to line their indoor enclosures. I have 2 questions. 1) what is the liner for? 2) do you nail/staple the liner in or just place it?
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    Females have a * on the underside of their tails and males have much longer tails than females if I'm correct. And I see a * so FEMALE!
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    Building Help?

    wow very detailed thank you! now did i miss it? how thick plywood would u recommend? and then im set :D