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    Biggest Sulcatas I've Ever Seen.

    Tom, do you think down the road that the sulcatas who have been raised in captivity with what is now known to be the proper way(humid, daily soaks, etc) will be much bigger than what we see in adults now? Or do you think we will see them start to grow much faster and smoother but they will...
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    I have a baby sulcata

    Good choice
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    would this be a suitable base for a tortoise table?

    I'm not too concerned about CL safety. I wouldn't go somewhere in the middle of nowhere and I wouldn't go by myself. But all that aside would the coffee table be big enough? If so I'm going to try and get it its already built and I thinking would look nice.
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    would this be a suitable base for a tortoise table?

    So I was perusing my local free section on CL and saw this. I'm thinking it would make a good table for a hatchling sulcata (what I want to get) I was thinking I would just box in the sides and possibly turn the top or side panels into...
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    tank set up for RES appropriate?

    You should look for something called a "turtle topper" its a basking area that just sits on top of the tank. I don't really care for the floating docks, when the turtle gets a bit heavier it never gets the chance to get completely dry on those. I actually built a wooden turtle topper instead of...
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    Aldabraman, how old is your oldest? They are so gorgeous I LOVE how big they are!
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    winter enclosure size?

    I really doubt its impossible to winterize that shed....are you handy at all? You could get foam sheet insulation and screw it to the walls and cover it in plywood. Or if the walls are to thin to support screws you could just drill holes through the layered wood and insulation and secure them...
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    What's it like to own a Galapagos?

    I'm fairly certain the 3 biggest by size are Galapagos then Aldabras and sulcata are the 3rd largest
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    An Amazing Snapping Turtle

    I had quite a bit of experience when I was a kid, there was a pond behind my cousins house that had hatchlings at least 3 years in a row and when they are very small like say a bit bigger than a silver dollar they never even tried to snap at me. As a kid I would keep them for several months and...
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    An Amazing Snapping Turtle

    I would be curious if there was some sort of genetic abnormality in a snapper so docile? Maybe something like an abnormally small abdula oblongata combined with lots of hands on time. It would be wonderful if that were the case because you could try to breed some that way lol. I'm sure its...
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    Odor makes me feel ill

    Please be careful breathing inside of plastic bags lol
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    Los Angeles adult sulcata $50

    You can't really see it. I feel like the top behind the obstruction is probably pretty pyramided
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    Yea I used to catch them as a kid. Praying mantises are much cooler
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    Albino Baby RES won't eat

    Sorry tablet acting up. I as trying to say you can go much deeper with the water as long as there is a basking area. The floating docks work well when they're that small. You are aware they can only eat in the water right?
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    Albino Baby RES won't eat

    What is the temperature of his water? I see a lamp but no water heater. You can go i CH deeper with the water too if you