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    Today is Kylee's Birthday!

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    One-Piece Tortoise Table Liner (Picture Heavy)

    I use the self stick linoleum squares to line the bottom and sides of my tortoise's wooden enclosure. I bought mine from Home Depot. Just make sure that the wood does not have debris on it. I also warm the linoleum squares up in the sun for a while which makes it easier to apply them.
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    Question about swelling

    Perhaps he is gaining weight.
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    New Member with new Tortoise

    Welcome to the Forum. :) :tort:
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    Well, I Lost All My Gulf Coast Box Turtles!

    I am so happy that you have found all of your box turtles.
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    YIPPEE AND HOORAY!!!! Today's EllieMay's Birthday!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :tort: :)
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    Just some baby russian photos

    Boris is so cute.
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    I need help sexing this RES!🥳

    Male Red Ear Sliders have much longer front toenails than a female. Plus males have a longer tail.
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    I need help sexing this RES!🥳

    I think Yertle is a male.
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    Hatchling failure syndrome

    TortoiseTown buys from breeders, but as we know, not all breeders start their hatchlings out properly. If the hatchlings are not taken care of properly by the breeder and then sold to TortoiseTown they are already on a downhill course. :tort: 😢
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    Thermometer-Hydrometer accuracy

    I use the Govee Blue Tooth thermometer/hygrometer. I purchased them from They are accurate, and so far I am very happy with them. Below is a link.
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    Maggie's comments...

    Maggie I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. I work for Kaiser Permanente Ontario Hospital and a patient would never be treated that way. If a patient was disrespected and Administration found out about it that person, even if a physician, would be in a lot of trouble. Kaiser...
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    Hello from WA!

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    Enclosure Renovations

    It looks fantastic.