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    how do I attach paypal to banksy?

    Sorry I have no idea 🤷🏼‍♀️ and yeah it seems a lot of us have similar or relatable issues. Definitely helps when you’re feeling weighed down.
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    Life’s been kickin my...

    me too I have a thing for them.. but I also love the simplicity of the normal scute
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    Life’s been kickin my...

    The last two have extra scutes and one of those has a split scutes and then the older larger one is normal scutes.
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    Life’s been kickin my...

    I actually haven’t taken pictures recently I’ll have to do that tomorrow when I feed them. But here are some older pictures of my 3 Leo babies this was a few months ago.
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    Life’s been kickin my...

    First and foremost thank you guys! I appreciate you all replying to my time of need. Your words of encouragement and similar situations all bring me encouragement and light when it’s been fairly dark in my life. It definitely makes me feel better, you guys made me feel better, so thank you!
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    Life’s been kickin my...

    Hey I have a dobie too, she’s absolutely wonderful.. and yeah I sneak into the cold dark room and read it often lol I haven’t joined in on the conversation yet though. Thank you for your encouragement and I’m trying to do what you’re saying ❤️
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    Tortoise Identification and Still in Hibernation

    I’m sorry that this happened to you, someone left you with a animal because you bought the property? And it seems they didn’t even give you any resources to provide proper care. This isn’t fair to you or the animals. Please read the link that was provided above and good luck, I’m sorry and I...
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    Life’s been kickin my...

    I’m not usually one to complain but lately one thing after another has been happening in my life and I’m feeling swamped with the stress it’s been causing. On a good note my leopard tortoises are all doing great. But I’m building 3 outdoor enclosures and I’ve fallen behind on that. A huge oak...
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    Ever Heard Of This Seller?

    But!! If it’s opposite then I think they are probably trying to act like the breeder I mentioned above. Which would suck.
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    Ever Heard Of This Seller?

    If you are talking about they are real. I know people who have purchased from them.
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    Newbie- need to narrow down choices before building enclosure

    I think leopards and Bernese star tortoises do best in our climate.. the trees are an issue though. I would think it would be safer to put them in the area with the grapevines and just provide shade. With your space I would suggest a Bernese star over a leopard tortoise. But that’s just my opinion.
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    Dog!!! (Seven)

    I met that dog! 😍 gotta say that dog really is amazing and beautiful.
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    How Do Babies Spend Their Time?

    I don’t see a water bowl at all!!! The one in the first picture looks like it’s in a different enclosure
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    Leopard tortoise hatchlings updates + Pictures

    When I got her she wouldn’t even come out of her shell if I was even close to her enclosure. It was quite difficult to gain her trust. Even now after 8 months she will go in her shell if she sees me but she will come out once she realizes it’s me. And I know for a fact that her previous owners...