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    Sulcata gender

    Yeah, my sulcata didn't “show” me until he was 3ish. When dexter experienced a prolapse, the vet said the genitals were female, when clearly it was a penis!!!
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    Best basking bulb?

    That’s new information to me. It was so humid in his tank that it didn’t get a chance to dry him out. I also sprayed his shell often.
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    Best basking bulb?

    Flood bulbs are good if you get him outside enough. I brought my tortoise outside 4-5 times a week and I still used a mercury vapor bulb. It emits uva and uvb. I kept a ceramic heat emitter on a thermostat 24/7.
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    Okay to come out now?

    Yes, the pig blanket would be good. I have a lane heat mat for dexter and a ceramic heat emitter set in a thermostat to 70-75. It keeps him plenty warm. Your temperatures are not too cold at night.
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    Tortoise eat dogs poo

    Don’t let him eat the poo. Dog poop has parasites and it could make them sick. My sulcata has had many poo incidents and has never had a problem, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I pick up my dog poo daily but i do sometimes miss it. Yuck.
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    Plant toxic

    I’m sure he’s fine. Obviously remove the plant from their access. Sometimes they eat things and we learn the hard way, but that doesn’t seem to have happened this time. Such a funny name for a plant.
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    Baby tort

    You can always spray down the calcium with a spray bottle. Only give a tiny amount of calcium 1-2 times each week. What does his diet look like, how often do you soak him, what are the temperatures of your tank? Is he eating, pooping and going pee?
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    Russian Tortoise Is Weak

    I have heard others using baby carrot food put into a soak to help a sick tortoise. How long have you owned him? I would get rid of that sand as well. If he eats too much of it it could cause impaction.
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    sulcate outdoor pen

    Just make sure to have a strong fence! I used T posts and I bought welded wire panels from a Feedstore. It’s held up very well for 6-7 years!
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    TFO Upgrades

    Yes, the moderator went in and changed it.
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    Baby Sulcata

    This was my setup when Dexter was a Bebe. And then a picture of him 8 years later. I had a ceramic heat emitter set on a thermostat 24/7 and a mercury vapor bulb on 12 hours each day. Congrats and glad you found the forum!
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    Social distancing activities

    And it’s done!
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    Constipation help

    Other things that get my tortoise going poo is cactus (young pads are soft) and pumpkin purée, I usually feed the stuff in the can.
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    I place him in with warm water and cover it with a tarp to keep the heat in. It stays warm for quite a long time. We’ve had this pool for a few years. I clean it and then put it in my shed after he’s done, which may be why it has lasted so long. He does climb out by himself and doesn’t bend it...