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Sep 6, 2011
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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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luvergirl, I like that idea. Good choice of a name. Sep 24, 2014

    1. kaseylynn19
      what do you recommend instead of the pellets?
      1. wellington
        Sorry I didn't make a suggestion on my first post. Not sure how I missed that. I did post my suggestions on your thread.
        May 7, 2017
    2. MONARCH
      HEY ....., I need help , i have a star turtle and i think he is unwell, i in india its winter season, he was ok in summers but in winters he has almost stop eating and excreting. I think he has cold. PLEASE help me. I dont wanna lose my turtle!!
      1. wellington
        Start a thread on the forum under the star section. You will get more help.
        For now, do warm water soaks daily for 20 minutes, keep water and tort warm during it. Raise the enclosure temp to 85 all over with a basking temp of 100.
        On the thread you need to start, give as much details as possible about the enclosure, temps, substrate, humidity, diet, the way the tort is acting, enclosure size.
        Dec 31, 2016
    3. Slow and steady
      Slow and steady
      Looks like somebody is having a birthday today!!!
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    4. Oxalis
      Happy happy birthday!! :D
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    5. Gymtimpro
    6. Kcollins1982
      Hello. I'm new to this site and don't know how to ask for advise or post a picture. I need help with bedding and if my enclosure is even good enough
      1. wellington
        Sent you a pm/conversation
        Sep 20, 2016
    7. pierreflores
      Can I plant an esperanza plant next to my redfoot tortoise
    8. RandYGee
      I need your knowledge and input. Right now I have a 9 month old leo and a 2 yr old red foot female id like to get another leo and a yellow foot, but when they all become adults am I asking for trouble or will they sort things out or should I get 1 of a different species. I have NO interest in breeding so maybe I could get all the same sex .
    9. leann@daygecko.com
      Wellington: Frankie Tortoise Tails: Inside Outside (posted Sunday) got "moved" to another location on the forum. Do you have any idea why this happen? New policy? Appreciate your time.
    10. Luca loves tortoises
      Luca loves tortoises
      I have a combined uva and uvb bulb for my tortoise table. Should i turn it off at night and just have it on in the day?
    11. wellington
      luvergirl, I like that idea. Good choice of a name.
    12. wellington
      Mandi, if under two years, too young to 100% tell, but post a pic of the bottom shell/tail area and members can give a good idea.
    13. tortoise_luvergirl
      I always call willow a she ( based on being so tame and her shell/short tail) but if she becomes a he I can always call him Will.
    14. Mandi
      Hey,I just had a question.I was hoping you could help me.How can I tell,if my Sulcata is a boy or a girl?
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      2. Mandi
        Yes it is,well around what age can you tell.And thank you for answering me. (:
        Sep 15, 2014
      3. wellington
        A good guess can be given around two. However, that's still a guess and it can change.
        Sep 15, 2014
      4. Mandi
        Oh wow,really thought it would be easy.OK,well thanks for your help.Have another question hope you don't mind.Can you bathe them to much?I like to put him in a bathe once a day.Just to wash off his food.His around 8 or 9 months of age.
        Sep 16, 2014
    15. FredrickTheGreek
      Hi my greek tortoise who is almost a year old (will be one year old in December) has not been pooping lately. He continues to eat regularly and bathe regularly (30 minutes every other day in luke warm water) he tries very hard to get his stool out but always fails. He used to be very active and such but lately he has almost seemed weak. Should I take him to the vet? Please help. I'm very concerned for him. Thank you!
    16. Emily buckley
      Emily buckley
      Hiya im new to this forum and will be purchasing a cherryhead tort on friday, im just checking that violas will be okay as a plant for its tortoise table?
    17. babyappleboo
      I'm looking to find a new good home for my pet Russian Tortoise. I want to make sure he goes somewhere where he will be very happy and well kept. I cannot afford to care for him and will be having to move into an apartment soon. I live in Milwaukee and was hoping maybe you know any people who would be interested in him. Thanks
    18. wellington
      Look at it as the shadow is partly me
    19. Team Gomberg
      Team Gomberg
      ...but now it will take some time to get used to seeing that photo as "you"...for a little while I'm sure i'll still be looking for the hand..lol
    20. Team Gomberg
      Team Gomberg
      awesome!! :D
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