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Hi Tom, my aldabra really likes black eyed peas. Is it best to feed them raw or boil them first?
That is not a good food for them. Legumes are too high in protein to be a large percentage of the diet. What size tortoise? Where are you? What percentage of the diet are you making the peas? I don't think it matters much if you feed them raw or boiled.
hi, good evening sir.. Would you mind to drop me your email address or contact number?
I'm interested to import 500 heads of aldabra babies for wholesale. Thank you
Hi TFO members. Am a new tortoise mom, after acquiring a 3-month old sulcata tortoise last month. I have learned so much about caring for my baby sulcata, just by reading the exchanges. Am looking forward to learning how to address concerns in raising tortoises, especially from those living in tropical areas.
Enclosure advice!!

I am looking to upgrade my baby leopard tortoises habitat! He is currently in a plastic tote which has worked wonderfully and I have been able to regulate the temp and humidity in it great but he just needs something a little bigger. Any suggestions would be a huge help!!!
Ready to rehome 3 Leopard Tortoises. 8 inch, 8.5 inch and 12 inch
Live in Michigan - would like them to go somewhere with room to roam- we just don't have the room or weather to care for these.
I'm in Arizona would love to give them a however home
Buckeye Girl
I am in Ohio. Are you looking to rehome them together? My Tort lives outside.
Currently own a Female Marginated Tortoise. Looking for a male of breeding age.
We are in Vaughan, Ontario (Canada).
Hi Mark, I saw on care form you were recommended you for a closed chamber for sulcata tortoise hatchling enclosure, if you could send me pricing that be great! Turns out tanks are the wrong way to go 🤣

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Thank you,

I hope this message finds you well Carol!

I was sent here from the great things I heard about you while in search of a captive bred Russian tortoise!

Could you please advise me on availability?

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Happy freakin birthday!!! And I am very glad you joined TFO...:)
I don't get enough of it these days lol, anyway I'm able to with 100 percent certainty my red foot yearling of under 2 is a female. All the evidence & characteristics points to it being a female is undeniable, I have 2 other RF that are several months old but no guess of their sex. All my tortoises are captive bred acquired at reptile pet shops almost certain & very likely to be female babies.
Hello Mark! I am new to the tortoise world and am quickly realizing how much misinformation I received. Glad to have found a reputable forum and see that you are the person to speak to about enclosures. We have an adult Russian. Can you please send me information on your enclosures when you have an opportunity? My email is [email protected]. Thank you!
Hi Tom,
I am starting to build an outdoor night time enclosure for my Sulcata (Sherman Tank), and the thread you had previously posted about your best night box yet has great text, but none of the images are showing up... is that something wrong on my end or has something happened to the post? I remember viewing it previously and would really appreciate that helpful starting point!

Those pics went away when shut down. There is not enough room to post here, so I will send you a message with the info.
Mindy Robinson
Mindy Robinson
Awesome, thanks so much! :)
Hi Bill. Our mutual friend John Coakley suggested I reach out to you just to talk tortoises. I've been working with Testudo Kleinmanni for about 15 yrs. Thanks, Ralph Till
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Hi Tom I have a yearling marginated I posted for about a week ago. I bought a glass terrarium like you recommended to help keep better control of the humidity. This terrarium is much taller than the box I was using so my 100w ceramic heating element is only getting the basking spot to about 86F. Should I move up to a 150w element? What element brands do you recommend?
CHEs are for maintaining ambient temps, not for basking. There is not enough room here to answer. Make a thread on the forum and I can answer you more throughly.
Ok I posted a thread and tagged you in it. First time trying to tag someone, so hopefully I did it right.