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Hi I saw your post stating you are located in NJ. I am right in Abington, PA. What kind of tortoise do you own?
I have two Eastern Hermans, 1 years old and 9 months old. I keep them indoors.
Question for you, I was told that you have stars? Can you pm me with prices? Pics possibly? Thank you
Hello, I actually do not sell stars. I purchased my Burmese Stars from @Markw84. He has some amazing animals that are well started and cared for, as well as some great closed chambers he makes himself. I would contact him for availability and pricing!
Hey Tom! I was wondering which tortoise hatchlings you have and how shipping works? I was interested in a sulcata but am open to other suggestions. I am from Michigan and am ready for a new baby!
Meet Willy my tortoise!! He is a red foot tortoise. I got him or her in early June 2020 from a friend in Florida that did not want him anymore. I am still not 100% sure if he's a boy, but I am really leaning towards boy!
As of yesterday, he is ~3 inches long (not including his head/neck) and weighs about 2 ounces (56.7 g).
I am trying my best to be a good owner. So please wise me up :)))
If you want to know what it is , check out his it concave? If it is , then it is a might be too young to do that yet. so be patient . post pics we would love to see him/her....
Hi Carol,
I talked to you before about the Russian tortoise. Do you happen to have Sulcata tortoise hatchling available? I have heard wonderful things about you and know you are a quality breeder. I would like to get my hatchling from you even if I have to wait.
Hi Tom. I contacted you a little bit ago about your leopard babies. Have your PPs hatched yet?
I've got a few hatched out. Ready in about a month.
That's great! I'm Janet and I live in IL and I would want one when the weather gets better. I am looking at Marks enclosures and I am wondering which one you would recommend. I am also wondering the price of your babies, shipping, etc.. Is there anywhere I can see pics? [email protected]
Hello Mark, I have a russian tortoise and I am in the near future looking to purchase a cherry head tortoise or a bermese star tortoise (MALE).
What would be a good enclosure set up as well as for the proper care such as heating/lighting/humidity.
I can be reached on here or my email to talk personally. [email protected]
Thank you!
I sent you and email with the info sheet on the enclosures I build.

Hey there! How do you think my Sulcata tort is doing? She has no pyramiding and weighs 640g at almost 8 months old. If she continues to gain the same amount she has been (about 21g a week) then she will be just over 1000g on her hatch-day. Is this too much? I have searched and haven't found a single Sulcata that weighs anywhere close to that much at her age.
Sounds like your tortoise is doing fine. Lots of them reach that size at 12 months when they are properly started and well cared for. Most of them just aren't well started or properly cared for.