You know you are a tortoise/turtle lover when...........

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Jun 15, 2010
My mum found this and I love it. Only 8 don't apply to me. How about you?............

You Know You're A Turtle Person When:

* Your computer background is a picture of a turtle.
* On your office desk you have pictures of your family (-of turtles!)
* You have pictures of them in your wallet and you show people.
* You go to yard sales and always check out the containers first.
* You feed your turtle's their dinner before your human family.
* You spend more time with your turtles then your human family.
* Your yard is filled with dandelions (and so is your "vegetable" garden!).
* Instead of a doggy bag at restaurants, it's a turtle bag!
* You sunbathe with your turtles!
* You or your children wear turtle costumes for Halloween.
* You dress up your turtle for Halloween and have to take pictures!
* For Halloween you dress up as someone who doesn't own turtles (scary!).
* All the fresh foods in your house are for turtles only!
* The only healthy foods in your grocery cart are for your turtles.
* You have a shelf in your fridge dedicated to fresh turtle food.
* You turtles eat a delicious homemade meal while you eat takeout.
* You drive around the neighborhood looking for Dandelions.
* In fall you ask your neighbors if you can take the leafs in their yard.
* You have a "Turtle Fund" or a "Pet Store Money" Jar.
* You have turtle-theme decorations, especially in the Reptile Room!
* Your digital camera is packed with turtle pictures.
* Your computer is packed with turtle pictures.
* You have an image-sharing web site with pictures of your turtles on it.
* You have a scrapbook or photo album for your turtles.
* Your the "go-to" person of the neighborhood for all things turtle-related.
* Everyone knows who you and your baby's are at your favorite pet store.
* You're up past 3am browsing turtle web sites and forums!
* You have some turtle-theme jewelry.. -That you love wear!
* Your wardrobe consists of turtle t-shirts (that you coordinate with jewelry).
* The bugs you feed your baby's start to look really tasty!
* Your turtles have their own Christmas presents (and sometimes a tree!).
* Your turtles are in the Christmas cards too, -wearing tiny Santa hats!
* At least once you have taken your turtles to take pictures with Santa!
* When your car has turtle-theme signs, bumper stickers and decals!
* You have a "Critter Cabinet" filled with substrate and other supply's.
* You get a new pet and already have everything you need in your Cabinet!
* You yourself almost get ran over trying to save a turtle from the road!
* -Your passengers get angry that you also had to take a few pictures.
* You can't answer the phone because you're waiting for your turtle to poop!
* Everyone gives you gift cards to Petco/ Petsmart for your birthday.
* You go to Zoos, Aquariums, or Museums you look for the turtle exhibits!
* You're late for work/ school cause you were watching your turtles mate!
* You have more turtles then there is relatives living in your state
* You be sure to tiptoe quietly past while they bask or sleep~
* Your turtles are the first thing you greet when you come home.
* -And you kiss them goodnight (on the nose or just through the glass!).
* You have a Turte-Cam so you can watch them from anywhere!
* You email a link of the Turtle-Cam broadcast to all your friends.
* You dream about them, or have nightmares!
* You're reading this instead of working!
* You buy a bouquet of flowers for the love of your life -Turtles!
* -Your turtles then eat the flowers while you watch =)
* You explain to your guests that your tank actually contains feeder fish.
* You have a list of future baby names already picked out!
* You hop right out of bed when you hear a sound from your turtle.
* You go wake your spouse up too if the turtle was doing something cute!
* You tell your turtle good morning before your spouse
* You browse the web for turtle stuff (that you don't really need).
* Everyone knows the latest news on your turtles! (even unwillingly).
* You know all your turtle's birthdays but forget your sibling's or parent's.
* You know so much about turtles you can point out the faults in articles.
* -You email/ call the writer and lecture him, explaining why it was wrong!
* When you know more about the species then your vet (very likely!)
* -When the same vet calls to ask you a question about the species!
* You celebrate you and your turtle's Anniversary but forget your spouse's.
* You declare holidays like "Hatch Day" and ask your boss for a day off.
* You take time off work for when your baby's "hatch date" is due!
* You call in sick because your turtle's nose is runny!
* You spend your whole 3-day weekend cleaning tanks and habitats.
* You think you have a respiratory infection or mouth decay (cavity)...
* -And "Hey is that shell rot on my toenail? *Goes to the vet* "
* Whenever you visit the outdoors you gather potential habitat decor!
* For "bring your kid to work day" you bring one of your turtles.
* There are little turtle voices in your head commanding you to do things....
* You have more framed pictures of your turtle on your walls than your family.
* Children know to gather bugs for you to give to your turtles.
* You lecture the person who called for waking up your turtles.
* You don't go on vacation because you couldn't find a "Critter-Sitter."
* You don't go on vacation because you spent the money on your turtles!
* Your story's constantly begin with "My turtle did the cutest thing!"
* Your home library contains loads of books on turtles and their care.
* You're a member of more than one turtle forum and visit them daily.
* Your bookmarks/ favorites are filled with turtle web sites
* You read up on everything about turtles even though you already know it.
* People think you're weird for actually planting dandelions into your garden!
* You regularly give advice to strangers about how to care for turtles.
* You somehow manage to incorporate turtles into every conversation.
* Pretty much all of your electricity is used by your turtles
* -Most of your grocery's are for your turtles
* -And a large portion of your water usage is because of your turtles!
* That scar on your hand is a precious memory of a turtle bite~
* Your turtles are in your Will, with money, instructions, and who they go to.
* You love to do dishes cause the habitat it right outside the kitchen window.
* The sight of someone mowing down their Dandelions horrifies you!
* You struggle to choose between buying a turtle or paying rent.
* Your flower beds have no blooms because you fed them to your turtles.
* You purposely buy sick turtles to nurse them back to health.
* You spend your whole holiday break working on a new habitat.
* You spend at least an hour a day talking to your turtle (baby talk or not).
* Your screen saver is a slide show of all your turtles
* Your Reptile Room has its own TV, and it's always tuned to Animal Planet.
* You insist the hatching of your baby turtles is front-page material
* You don't realize that you just read a hundred of these!!!
* You encourage that people call you the "Turtle Lady" or "Turtle Man"
* Your turtles have their own shopping list (that's longer then the human one)
* Every day you plot how to steal that great rock from across the street.
* Your take your turtle for a walk more often than your dog.
* You get professional pictures taken of you and your turtles
* You luggage/ backpack/ suitcase always weighs more coming home.
* You interrogate new owners to make sure they have an acceptable setup.
* Your whole family is always on the lookout for perfect, inexpensive tanks!
* Your birthday cake had turtles on it (but you felt bad eating it)
* Instead of people, your wedding cake had bride and groom turtles.
* Your turtles attend your wedding; front row you can see each other.
* The turtles come with you on your honeymoon!
* You're about to get a new turtle and its all you think about till it arrives!
* Your house is a mess but at least the habitats are clean and tidy.
* You miss your turtle so much in winter that you yourself practically hibernate.
* You're in turtle territory you and watch the road for turtles instead of cars.
* When you sign holiday/ birthday cards, your turtle's name is also included.
* You remove furniture from the house to make room for just one more tank.
* Every time you leave the house you swing by Petco/ Petsmart.
* Your turtle's take up a large portion of the budget
* A coupon for a pet store comes in the mail you have to use it right away!
* Your turtles a part of your home buying decision.
* You study every fact possible on the care of your friend's turtle.
* The neighborhood kids want to go to the Zoo so they go to your house.
* Your other pets are actually food for your turtles (bug, fish, etc etc).
* Instead of flowers, your spouse gives you worms and you appreciate it!
* You turn your head whenever you hear the word "turtle".
* You go outside to find just one more rock for your habitat.
* Your human baby's furniture and clothes often have turtles on them.
* You want life easier for them, even if it means peeling all of their grapes.
* You and your turtle watch movies together!
* Someone listed 135 examples why you're a turtle person and you loved it!!


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Jan 9, 2010
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You only had 8? I stopped counting after 50...


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May 6, 2010
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GOD! I was more than a little shocked when I saw how many apply to me! Scary!


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Oh crap....I'm in trouble. My son gave me a gift card to Petco for my birthday. There are too many that apply to me to even count.


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Jun 15, 2010
i had only 8 that DID NOT apply to me..... the rest definitely. Although I had to substitute Hibiscus for Dandelions. It certainly is the best list I have seen.


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Only on cold nights.
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