why does my star won't sleep inside hide box?


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Oct 11, 2013
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I'm wondering why does my star won't sleep inside hide box?
he always lay around in the middle of nowhere,
i give him 2 hide box, one on the warm side near basking area and the other one on the cool side,
basking temp is 100+
warm side 86-89
cool side 82-85
night temp never fall below 80
even in the warm area is 84-86 without any heater, i don't know why it is always warmer
at the beginning i only give one hide box on the cool side, but he always sleep near the basking spot, i thought he just prefer warmer area, so i placed another hide box near the basking area which is usually his favorite sleep area.but he is not even go in there, he sleep beside hide box:(
I've try some different hide box, exo terra hut, plastic box, clay pot, DIY pvc, DIY plywood
and I've try to make a little light trough inside to make it not 100% dark vs 100% dark
everything I have tried can not encourage him to sleep inside hide box,
except i move him inside while he is sleeping ( 2 weeks now i do this routine every nights )
does it gonna be a problem if he is not sleeping on his hide?
what can i do to make him encourage to use his hide?

btw he is only 2 1/4" so i don't know his sex actually, i prefer call "him" because i wanna grow a male star and wish it gonna be a male :D

sorry if there is so much wrong vocabulary, tenses, and hard to understand.English is not my mother language ;)


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Nov 12, 2011
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I believe that use their hide when they feel stress. Your Star sounds like he is very comfortable out in the open... I would not worry about this...he will use his hide when he is ready to.



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Mar 11, 2013
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Please relax! I am sure he is just fine, he will use it if he wants too. As CLMoss said, it sounds like he is just comfortable in his enclsoure (good job!).


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Jul 10, 2013
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Mine used his clay pot hide at first, but hardly does any more. I have a few fake plants that he likes to sleep under. Or often in the open now.