Why do some stars grow fast while others have stunted growth?


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Nov 8, 2019
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Hi All! My friend has two stars and four turtles. Stars are two years old and trutles are 06 months old. However, the trutles are 8 inches already while the stars one is 6 inches and the other is still 4 inches. Turtlwes eat Taiyyo trutle food, dhania and hibiscus. Bigger star loves Okra and the smaller star eats tendli. Both stars love corn. They eat cucumber, watermelon and moong sprouts sometimes if they are in the mood. they get soak/bath everyday for one hour. The trutles live mostly in water and a few hours they are left on land. Any and all information and adivce is welcome. Bigger star has nasal discharge sometimes. Smaller star eats very little. Turmeric leaves and root, we put in water used for their bath/soak as a natural antibiotic.


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Sep 29, 2018
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Westmoreland, NH
I think the disappointing truth is that some tortoise grow faster than others....

I have a Redfoot who has eaten like a horse from the day he came to live with me, and at 16 months is bigger than many Redfoots a few years of age.


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