When you get a seedling and you decide to plant it


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Aug 18, 2020
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Seattle, WA
I have seen many posts on enclosure plants, on what is safe for a tort and so on.

I went to HD and I got some kale seedlings last week.
First of all I some them for some time to loosen up the roots and second of all.... soaking allows me to remove pretty much most of all the styrofoam (guess it might be perlite, whatever the growing medium is) from the plant.
I rinse it throughly and I pick the styrofoam.

Plant itself doesn’t need any of this ones it is In a proper growing environment.

I let Herbie into a planter box just to see what the behavior is. As soon and he spotted a white object he runs for it. Nope sorry buddy it’s not food.

Please be aware ... yes the plants might be edible by it self(lettuce, arugula, squash,etc) , but if you are getting a seedling from any store make sure you remove any foreign items.

Here is what I collected from 6 kale seedlings (kale is for us, Herbie gets just a little leaf sometimes).
All we need to plant is the actual plant with nice roots.
Just be aware of what around your tortoise.


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