What's that noise?

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Jan 23, 2008
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The past few evenings I've heard the "HARRUMPH, HARRUMPH" of a big bull frog. Last night I went out with the flash light to see where he was. I couldn't find him, and, of course when I went out the noise stopped.

Just opposite my bedroom I have a big 600 gallon water trough for a big water turtle. I knew the frog wasn't in there because the turtle would eat him. Next to that I have a couple half wine barrels, and one of them has water plants in it:

I just happened to look over into the one barrel, and I found my bullfrog!!

Where do they come from? I live out in the country and there isn't a canal, pond, creek, river, lake...there just plain isn't a water source within miles of my house. It's a mystery.
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