What kind of grass/weeds for the floor of my new adult Sulcata enclosure?


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Mar 16, 2021
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We just finished the fence/gate for our Sulcata enclosure (Ended up being just over 400 sq. ft. Pano photo included). We will be building the heated house next (Thanks, @Tom for the plans for the single tortoise pen that we'll be using). But first, we want to add some grass or weeds to the ground so it can start taking root and establishing before the Sulcata comes. We want to add sod or seed to establish a grazing ground for the tortoise inside the pen. (And we plan to also open the gate daily to allow the tortoise to graze on the rest of our yard as well.) Back to the enclosure: Our first idea is to put down some sod, and continue to add some kind of seed to it every week or so to replenish it. Is this practical? What is the best type of sod and seed combination to use? Any ideas to keep grass going with the sulcata active? (Sulcata will be an adult size) Also, we have considered making a trash can burrow with part of the grass growing over the top. Has anyone found this to be successful or useful in addition to the heated house? Thanks!



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Jan 9, 2010
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The pen looks beautiful, but 400 square feet is much too small for an adult sulcata. If he will be out roaming the rest of the yard every day, then it should work for you.

They will turn any area they can reach into a barren desert. The only way to stop them is to have an array of pastures that can be closed off temporarily so it can re-grow while other areas are grazed. Rotating pastures.

Sod is full of pesticides and other chemicals as well as plastic netting. I would use seed intended for grazing pasture animals instead. I get mine at Groworganic.com.

You can try the trash can burrow, but the sulcata will likely start digging to China in that.


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Jun 30, 2018
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This is my tort shed (20'X12') and part of my pens. Every year I over seed the grass, add dandelion seeds and other edible flowers and weeds. I have never had any Sulcata burrow here, they all seem to be comfortable in the shed...
Grape leafs are a healthy favorite...
100_4179.JPG 100_3803.JPG
I have numerous Rose of Sharon trees and the tortoises love the leafs and flowers...
You can grow lots besides grass and weeds for Sulcata. Don't forget cactus and this is Big Sam eating his daily ration of blooms. I hope this gives you some ideas


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Aug 18, 2020
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Can’t find any good Rose of Sharon bush around 🤬

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