What are some weird facts about you?


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Forth Worth, Texas
I would rather the house fill with dust and dirt than do any housework.
I have six cats and over 100 turtles and tortoises.
I'm 82 years old and I drive a souped up pick-up (when I drive, that is).
I'm a troll who lives under a bridge!
Even if you never left the house, I still don't see how you could care for that many torts. 1 is almost too much. Impressive


I've had a Near Death Experience.

I was once run over by a car without noticing! I didn't notice for the first minute, but I eventually realized I was under a car that hit me. For some reason it didn't hurt. It happened around 6 or 7 years ago.


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I can proudly say I can make a sound that Literaly sounds like Donald Duck and Gordon Ramsay had a kid and it was on steroids!

I seriously have no shame in that.....


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We are all waiting...????????????????????
Well I honestly don't usually talk about it too much but I'll give you a few details. Don't want to start a religion debate either. Back in 2001 I was having some issues and during a grand mal seizure went into cardiac arrest. I was outside my body, above myself and could see my body below. Then all I can say is I went somewhere else. The whole "I saw a bright light" occurrence people talk about, is exactly what I experienced. It was something that dramatically changed my life.

Krista S

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I would imagine living through that would change the trajectory of your life. Thank you for sharing that, and I’m glad you came back!


I am probably the weirdest and stupidest member on this forum because:

- One time I left the school without permission and they thought I DROWNED during their swim lesson. I'm pretty sure all my classmates were upset that I was still alive because I was the most hated person.

- I still can't ride a bike because last time I tried, I crashed into a trash can and I fell inside of it. It was gross.

- My aunt surprised me with a tortoise (It escaped our house, 2 years ago, and I have another one, that I got recently) that I didn't ask for, and I thought it was a PINEAPPLE, and I asked if she could give me a slice of it.

- In 2cnd grade I did horrible things that 90% of the time, I got away with. I always blamed things on other people.

- Oh yeah, not to mention I was popular for being a dare devil, and I did every dare that I was asked. (That was stupid, because I accepted a dare to throw my glasses off the bus)

You see, I am a pretty stupid and weird person in general, but I always stay happy. I really don't care what my bullies think about me, because i'm not born to impress them!

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