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UVB and albino snakes

Discussion in 'Snakes' started by leigti, Jun 12, 2019.

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  1. leigti

    leigti Well-Known Member 5 Year Member

    Nov 2, 2013
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    southeast Washington
    I have an albino corn snake. And I am getting an albino hognose. I’ve read that UVB is beneficial to snakes but I have also heard that it should not be used with albino snakes because it can damage their eyes and skin. So I am interested to hear from other people and their views on this.
    Right now my corn snake is in an 18 inch tall enclosure with a 5% high output fixture and bulb. My regular hognose is in an enclosure that is 12 inches tall with the same type of fixture and bulb. And my albino hognose will be in the same set up as my normal one. I am also getting a Thai bamboo rat snake who will also be in an enclosure that is 12 inches tall. I am not sure they need any UVB because they spend most of their time hidden in the forest but I still have to research that. I am open to any suggestions :) thank you.
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