upgraded leo&boxie indoor enclosures (pictures)

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Aug 2, 2012
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over the weekend my boyfriend and i built my new eastern box turtle a larger turtle table.
the dimensions are 6'l-4'w-16"d and it's simply 1/2" plywood treated with Thompsons water seal held together with L brackets. i stapled clear, thick trash bag to line the wood, as well.

lighting consists of a 60w indoor flood for basking and a 2' reptisun fluorescent uvb. i might need additional lighting come winter.

substrate is 50% compost/top soil, 30% peat moss and 20% leaf litter.

water is always offered in a plastic container deep enough to soak in sunken into the substrate with a rough bottom for traction.

i have a 2" deep food dish she can fit in for live feeders and a terra cotta saucer for greens.

i have 3 hides set up along with live plants, logs and rocks to hide behind/dig under.

(pictures taken from left to right of enclosure)


basking spot (haven't hooked it up yet but will be on the slate) with some bark to make a warm hide. on the right, the white bin is her water dish with a piece of bark covering it. i haven't figured out if she likes deeper water so it might be switched out for a terra cotta saucer in the future.


next to the water dish, i buried a 2.5g plastic bucket on it's side into the hill to make a nice, dark cave and filled it with leaf litter. i placed a log and bark around it to camouflage it. (you can't even see the bright yellow bucket :D)


on the right side of the enclosure i have a piece of slate for greens and a deep glass dish for live feeders. the tort can easily fit inside the feeder dish.


in the bottom right corner there's a small hide box with an opening top. it's an entirely closed in box, except for 5" at the bottom of one side for the turtle to enter. inside is peat moss and leaf litter.


and here is opi exploring :) she is an adult female ebt weighing 660g and is 5" long.

now, what i did to my leopards enclosure was just add the box turtles old enclosure to the side of her existing enclosure :)
the original enclosure is 5'w-5'l-16"d and i added a 2'w-4'l-16"d to the side of it, sorta making an L.

lighting consists of a 60w outdoor flood for basking, 12" reptisun fluorescent uvb light, 2 60w indoor floods for extra heat/light. the whole back part of the enclosure will be covered in plastic to retain heat/humidity.

substrate is 50% ecoearth, 30% top soil and 20% peat moss. it's packed down and kept damp. one hide has hay in it and i will be getting sphagnum moss asap for the other hides. i have various live plants in and surrounding the enclosures.

water is always offered in a terra cotta saucer large enough for her to soak in. i also give her a 20 min warm soak twice a week.

a terra cotta saucer and a piece of slate offer two different places i can offer her food.

hides she has to choose from include a plastic flower pot turned on it's side with hay inside, a 5g bucket on it's side buried as a cave, half log, many live and fake plants and a large hot, humid hide.


here's zula enjoying her basking spot and water dish. to the right is the cool hide with hay. this will be the only part of the enclosure not covered in plastic.


here's the back left corner. the 5g bucket with a plant on top.


here's a small hill and a piece of slate for feeding. the hole i cut out to connect the two enclosures to the right.


here is the flower pot hide covered in bark.


this is the new addition. the food dish to the bottom right and the half log leading to the humid hide next to it.



this is the humid hot hide. it's 2'x9" and has an opening top with a 120w che in the top. it has peat moss and sphagnum moss in it. 85°+ with 70%+ humidity.


and here's zula :) she's almost 3, weighs 990g and is 6" long.
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oh! and i forgot!
the ebt temperatures are 85° basking, 70° cool side, 78° warm side and 68° nighttime. her dirt is kept damp and is cool to the touch. humidity ranges from 50%-70% with higher humidity in the hides.

my leopards temperatures are 105° basking, 70° cool side, 82° warm side and 72° nighttime. although she sleeps in a heated box that is 85°-95°. humidity ranges from 50%-70% with the heated box being 85%+

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