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Jim Kowalik

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Aug 24, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

About 6 months ago I posted a hello thread from the baby Sri Lankan Star I had just gotten and named Zoey. I promised I would share periodic updates, so I figured now that’s she’s over a year old I would check in!

I can’t believe how the time flys. She is doing incredibly well and I feel so lucky. When I first got her she was almost 6 months old and weighed 38 grams. Now, after her first birthday she’s at a whopping 57 grams! Her favorite foods are Rose of Sharon, pumpkin (both in moderation as treats), Lilac and hibiscus. Sometimes I make her a little salad of zucchini, cucumber, mazuri, and a mixture of cat, couch, barley, fescue, fountain and oat grasses and she goes to town! I think her favorite thing in the world is her morning bath. I soak her every day first thing in the morning in some nice warm water and she routinely poops and pees like clockwork.

She’s taken a liking to my French bulldog, Ammo, who absolutely adores her. He will actually follow her around when she’s grazing outside and act as her big protector. It’s insanely adorable. Wouldn’t they have some interesting looking babies? Hahah totally kidding!!

Here are some recent pics and a couple of her furry best friend! She’s always got a smile on :) I had to also include the one with massive poopies because I was a proud dad. Lol!! IMG_7516.jpg IMG_7361.jpg IMG_7362.jpg
189C0683-74A8-4D65-9823-A35715A0AD92.jpg IMG_7513.jpg IMG_7522.jpg IMG_7525.jpg IMG_7528.jpg IMG_7529.jpg

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