Unsure about this tort. Can you help, Pls!


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Jul 6, 2020
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This is the tort I was talking about yesterday. I went back today before making a decision. He is bigger than I mentioned. Here is a pic on hand and him eating. Please tell me what you think @Tom thank you! A179DBBE-44D8-4749-B60B-BD5A072973A4.jpeg


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Jul 8, 2017
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When you were at the store, did you notice what kind, if any, UVB bulb they were using? His eyes could be sore from the wrong kind of bulb.

I know I'm a softy, but you seem to really have a heart for this tortoise. Decide if you really want to take on a sulcata, or look into desert tortoises like we discussed yesterday. The cost difference is huge, but if you decide on a sully, I think you should get this one. Otherwise, you'll always look back saying "what if...?"


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Jan 9, 2010
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This tortoise has not been started well or raised correctly. If you want a premium quality, healthy, thriving, well started animal, then you should pass on this one.

If you want to rescue this unfortunate creature and try to give it the best life possible, knowing full well that it might not even survive for very long, then you have found your new baby. It may live for more than 100 years or die after 100 days, but there is no way to tell.

Personally, I would not give the store any money for this improperly cared for animal. They will use your money to stay in business, buy more tortoises, and do this same thing to all the new ones they buy. You will be enabling them to harm more animals in this way. If they sit on this tortoise and take a loss, they might not want to buy anymore tortoises since they can't make money on them.

Its a tough call. Are you the kind of person that listens to their head or their heart? Are you looking for good health and quality, or are you looking to do a rescue with a higher risk?