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Does anyone know anything about this company? I ordered a tortoise from them and it was supposed to be delivered this past Wed. and after waiting all morning on it, I emailed them and they finally emailed that night and said, Sorry but they had some sort of power outage and all their orders are delayed. They asked if I had a number to reach me at to arrange another time, but they have never called me back. I've left two messages with them, but still no calls. And every time I've ever called them they don't answer, just answer machines. I just wish they would call me to let me know what's going on!!

Anyone ever use them before or know anything about them? Turtles & Tortoises Inc. from Florida


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I used them once. The tort came in not of the best shape. He had a soft shell, softer than any I've every gotten. He didn't want to eat, and was always lethargic. Shortly after arriving an ear abscess grew. It was rough... They seemed nice, but the tort wasn't in the best shape.
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