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Jul 13, 2013
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Hi everyone!

I am beginning to work out the details of implementing a safe travel enclosure of sorts for my Méraddyn in my vehicle :)

I have a full size conversion van that has plenty of room and am thinking of removing one of the captain's chairs (maybe 2) to build Méraddyn a safe and comfy travel area. I will also be building him a ramp for getting into and out of my van for when he gets bigger. Right now he is approximately 6 inches and 1.25 pounds :)

Any suggestions or neat ideas you all could give me for this project would be greatly appreciated :)

*Personal Note* Méraddyn is not a pet to us, he is family and we like to travel at times and want to make sure he is comfy and safe...just like he was for our last camping trip :) I would also like to note that he would going with us to places on a regular basis (such as protected parks and what not).

Thanks A Bunch! :tort:
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