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Jun 26, 2008
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We have started adding individually photographed tortoises to the site for people to choose their exact tortoise (example photos below). We have a long, long way to go (hopefully a lot of progress will be made in the next week), and we will never be able to list 100% of them, but we'll be adding hopefully at least a handful of each species for people that want to pick their own. We've kinda started with some 4-5" hermanns tortoises, a few cherryheads and redfoots. This weekend I hope to add adult redfoots, adult marginateds, young adult yellowfoots, and a few more babies. For a link straight to that current list, click here: Some example photos are at the bottom of this post.

Notes from our site:
We are frequently asked to provide photos of specific animals, but it can be difficult to keep up with the requests, and to figure out which tortoise someone picked after they picked it. The easy solution for us was to get photos of specific animals when we had a chance to photograph multiple at once, give them a small identifying mark (which easily washes off), and list them individually.

Many species (like baby sulcata tortoises) have almost no variation between animals, so we don't intend to try that with them. Other animals are more variable, and have higher end and lower end variations, so we will list different animals here with different looks, colorations and prices - higher color animals will typically be more expensive, and less colorful animals may be lower in price, for example. Animals with minor imperfections will also be listed with a lower than average price.

The tortoises on this page are a small percentage of what we have available. For additional availability, see the species-specific master list on the left side under "categories," or for all other options, Click Here. All these animals will also be listed in their individual categories (a hermanns tortoise shown here will also be listed on the hermanns tortoise page).




Aug 24, 2015
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Hello - when will you have baby Herman torts available?
How old do they need to be before shipping?


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Sep 6, 2011
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