Tortoise, Turtle & Reptile Behavior


Jun 4, 2021
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Sarasota, FL
Something I remembered reading a number of years ago came back to me while perusing threads here about helping someone with aggression resulting from keeping a pair of torts together and another about biting (nibbles). The owners responded with emotion, describing the torts actions in 'feeling' terms.
What I had read previously was that reptiles are not like dogs, who show affection and are capable of playing with their persons. Reptiles do not show affection, but rather have tolerance. They may enjoy food and even a rub or scratch, but for the most part, they really could not care less about their keeper and will escape at the first chance that comes up.
Many owners attach human characteristics to their reptile pets and truly believe that the herps 'love' them. I learned the hard way that a 'pet' WC Eastern Box Turtle did NOT love me when he quickly and deliberately bit the crappolas out of me! This was not provoked - he simply walked slowly over to me and bit - hard! Same thing with a WC corn snake I had been keeping for several months. One day - wham! Guess their tolerance was low those days. Point is that tortoises and reptiles don't need buddies, and they don't cuddle, snuggle, give kisses or hugs. They won't cry when they are separated and are probably happier because there's less competition. They tolerate us and show interest for food and possibly water. Other than that, they usually want to be left alone. Silly humans - we still think they are super cool! Just my 2c ! :tort::tort::cool:

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