Today is 1 year....😭

Cleopatra 2020

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Feb 1, 2020
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El Mirage. Az
Today is one year since little Cleo passed over.... I will never forget her... trying to save her life was a big challenge and ultimately changed mine and I had fallen in love with torts because of her.... even after hearing "hatchling dry hatch syndrome " was a death sentence I didnt give up on her but tried even harder which there was a small improvement but she still passed...shortly after that I got Kim another leopard hatchling online from Randy at tortstork which was an amazing female leopard yet Kim ended up wanting me to have her to take care of her so I did and Rosie has been amazing and she will be 15 month old in a few weeks I couldn't wear last weekend cuz she already maxed out the gram scale so I need an upgrade... LOL she just weighed in at 550g a couple weeks ago... anyway here's a tribute to Cleo I found her post page that day and the picture of her from her video of her eating....😥🐢 Screenshot_20210323-085345_Samsung Internet.jpg VideoCapture_20210323-092710.jpg

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