The Tortoise Table - New App - Testers Wanted!


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Mar 1, 2014
Hi Guys!

Foreword: Apologies if this appears as spam, certainly not my intention. I made a post a few months back to help get as many testers on board as we could. I am really hoping to get this into public right now so any of your time would be valuable and much appreciated.

You may have already seen the TTT mention this on their Facebook page ( but if not please read on.

I am the author of the Android/iOS Tortoise Table app. We are looking to do a new release shortly with a host of new features and a complete redesign. We would like to get some beta testers who would be interested in trying the new features out and giving us/me some feedback on your experience.

If you are familiar with the old app, here's a small summary of the new features;
  • Better UI experience, cleaner and more friendly
  • Better search functionality, user experience, and ability to search by common names
  • Additional filtering options (Phylum, Class, Order, Genus, Safety, Colour, Categories)
  • Significantly faster than the previous iteration
  • No offline setup anymore - included as part of the app. Install and go!
If anyone is interested in trying it out;



Thank you to all in advance and please let me know of any issues/recommendations.