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Now to Taco...Bob has a woman named Stephanie who fell in love with him and lives in Colorado. She knows about his yearly visit to have his pix taken with Santa. So she found this woman who makes 'cosys (sp) for tortoises, like what you'd crochet for toasters. So she had me measure Bob for a Santa suit, but the woman said it would take too long to make something that big and would be cost prohibitive. She had too many orders to do that for Bob...well, poo.
Taco lives in a yard with many bushes of blooming flowers and sometimes Stephanie loses her because she just blends in, and it panics Steph. So Stephanie had a cosey made for Taco, so Stephanie could find her easier. Chaco's are pretty rare in captivity, and Taco is very well cared for and i want you all to look at that pretty face. I know this has been a long post, but any of you Chacho breeders out there who have taken pity on me should just package up a Chaco and send it to me to help with my 2 long months of recovery...I want one really bad...
Now here is Taco, the Chaco, and just look at that sweet face...you are in for a treat...
The darned pictures were supposed to be at the end of the post...anyway, this thread is about Taco, not me and i'm gonna go lay down now, if can figure out how to get my clothes off...anybody wanna help?:confused:

I just think those pictures are the cutest ever.
looks like surgery for me next week, but a brain transplant isn't in the works for me...oh well. i can still take care of my animals and that's what counts...

here's the link to the woman who does these...be sure to look at her site, some og them are very clever...
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