Swollen eye and possible mouth breathing, RI ??


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Dec 26, 2020
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Hello everyone!

I have a concern with one of my sons tortoise. He saw one of her eyes looked smaller and kinda "bluish" Post pics for comparison.

He says her appetite and energy levels are completely and she is very active.

He did notice she sometimes open her mouth for several seconds but then close it and keep breathing.

I asked if he has noticed any mucus and said eyes looks wet and sometimes she is "wet" on the nose but no apparent mucus or discharge.

She had her beak a bit damaged some weeks ago but so far it looks like it's healing well and she has been very active.

I live in Puerto Rico (caribbean). Lots of humidity and sun. Temps are naturally 80-100 F. Now in winter nights can get "cold" in the mid to low 70 f

We feed them grass, flowers some fruit (like 2 days x week) and complete with some Mazuri pellets (wet).

They have a small tub they use to soak. I don't really have a "schedule" for soaking, but I see her soaking 1609030874990.jpg either daily or very frequently.

They live in the garden so she is a bit dirty

She is like 2 months old I guess.

I called a few local vets but non of them treat turtles.

Pics of the eyes. First left pic "bad eye", second pic for comparison.

Could this be an RI? Her eye does look puffy, swollen and while my son said she dies open her mouth she don't see to be gasping per se. But I prefer to be paranoid than negligent.

I highly appreciate any thoughts on how to proceed and if it is a cause for concern. I had two some years ago but this never happened.

Thank you and let me know any further info you may need.


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