Sulcata Finally Laid Eggs


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Jun 8, 2016
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Hey there all. So I have posted here once before. I mainly lurk over in the red foot forums. I have had a male sulcata for 20+ years probably. This past January a friend of mine gave me one of his female sulcatas. My friend had his females separated from his males for the winter but all during the spring, summer, and fall they are together. I brought her home and the first day we had 70 degree weather I had her outside and she went to start doing test sites for a nest. The weather started dropping so I brought her inside. Had another day and she was fairly far into nesting when the temperature started dropping and then it started raining. So I had to bring her in. Cold and wet does't mix well. I had her outside yesterday and my yard has two separate areas. Well some one came by and let my male back in with her and he chased her away from the nest that she was digging. :( Needless to say I let her be by herself today and she started building a nest in one of the sites she chose previously that I covered back up. This was around 12:30 in the afternoon. The temp started to drop a bit down into the 50s. I set up a ladder over top of her and set a heat lamp on it. Come to about 11pm and she seemed to of stopped for the night since the temp dropped to around 50 degrees. I placed the heat lamp closer to her and she continued. I have been checking on her progress through out the day every hour. I went to check on her around 1:15am and there were eggs in the hole and she seemed to have just started to cover the hole back up. Ran back inside to wake my wife up to tell her. lol Went back out to take pictures. BTW this is my first tortoise I will have eggs with. I have slowly been waiting for eggs from my cherry head redfoot group but nothing yet. Maybe later this year or next year for them.
Any ways looking forward to see if these eggs are fertile or not. Thank you Tom for the advise ya gave me when I sent ya a message the other day. And thank you to those that responded to my last post back in February. :)

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