Successful breeding of Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii

Sa Ga

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Nov 19, 2019
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The adults (3.5) were WC and arrived in varying degrees of debility; after many trips to the vet's and $$$ spent, I was left with 1.2. Although they have still retained some of their initial shyness, they are robust and heavy as bricks. They are also aggressive and cunning hunters: I saw the male ambush and devour a sparrow that dared to venture to drink from his soaking pool. Nothing was left, not a feather, not even a beak! They love large land snails, crunching them up like M&Ms. The first food I was able to tempt them with was pineapple(!)
Oh wow! I assumed they were just cute little urtles, not fierce pitbulls!

Congrats on your babies and best wishes for the triplets! ❤

jonathan gray

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Sep 9, 2014
As an aside, ALL the turtles (Breeders and offspring), which I have in my collection have been definitively diagnosed as pure, 100% Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii obsti. So the babies are not 'mongrels' as someone suggested, or 'mutts' which is worse. Even turtles can be snobs about their lineage and pedigree and the ones with me are rightly proud of the integrity of their bloodlines. 002.JPG

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