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Aug 8, 2018
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I recently purchased a Sri Lankan Star Tortoise from tortoise town. I ordered the tortoise as a 1 year old and to be female. I have a few questions.
Is this typically the size of a 1 year old Sri Lankan star tortoise? My sulcata was twice the size by the time he was one. Ik they are totally different tortoises in size but I’m just wondering.
Ik that there is no way to tell at this age the sex difference at this age but I noticed the tortoise has a wide anal scute. I ordered the tortoise as a female... could have they possibly given me a male?
I have been told they are really shy tortoises. Am I just going to have to be around her a lot to not be scared and nervous?

Thx, Jacob


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Mar 6, 2016
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Its been a while since I had any Sri Lankan star tortoises, and @kingsley might have something to add, but:
1) That size for a 1 year old seems within a normal range.
2) No way to tell the sex at this point. You could have it surgically sexed when it is 150 grams or so. I am assuming the seller incubated for female, but there is no guarantee that this animal is female until it is surgically sexed or nears adulthood. You will just have to wait.
3) In my experience, star tortoises are more reserved (shy) than some other species I have worked with like sulcata, leopard, radiated, etc... Over time it will get used to seeing you but each tortoise is different.

Hope this helps. Others will certainly chime in.....

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It's funny, my Indu was sold as een Sri Lankan Star Tortoise. But I was a bit sceptical. And I was not sure of the hatching date. On his papers it says June 2017. But I thought he was just a few months old when I got him on April the thirst. His papers came later in the mail, and there is says June last year. And know looking at your Tort, it might be true after all!

How much does yours weight? Indu weights about 91 grams. Indu has more lines on his shell then yours does.

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Oh, Indu is not that shy. He even likes his little head rubbed know when he is in his bath.

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