SoCal Aldabra breeders?


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Hello! Are there any socal Aldabra breeders out there? I contacted Toucon Jungle but he doesn't have any little ones in stock. Call me old fashioned but I'd rather not ship my animals. Can I even get an Aldabra from out of state without a CBW permit?



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Aldabras are not an ESA protected species and do not need a CBW permit. Permits would be required for species like Radiated and Galapagos.
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I'm all for local, and, with an animal like an Aldabra, personally, I'd much rather trust the source. If that means shipping, then I'd ship.


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I would not recommend Toucan jungle I bought a 22in Aldabra and it was blind in one eye and had a respiratory infection his does not care for animals in his possession it is just on to the next person if it does not sell fast the animals is bound to get sick


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Trying to buy from the ALDABRAMAN is like finding a big foot. He got no website and hardly ever response to a message. Unless there's a official post somewhere I'm not aware of.
Okay... Bad news:
1. I know of no one in CA breeding them, but you don't need CBWs for Aldabras.
2. Last I heard, Aldabraman doesn't ship.
3. I'd never buy an import.
4. They don't usually do well in CA. Its too dry here, and they need warmth and humidity.
5. I know of no one breeding them that has any interest in selling to the public, except Aldabraman to people who will drive to pick them up.

I hate to be discouraging Josh, but this really isn't the best species to be keeping in SoCal. Our climate just is not good for them, and I've seen this many times. Galaps do fine here, but no one in CA is breeding those yet either. Hopefully someone here in CA will have success soon.


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I successfully bread Aldabras earlier this year but I only obtained 1 For tile egg that went bad midway through incubation hopefully this year or next year I will have some successful babies

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