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Dec 20, 2015
So after 63 and today 64 days i have two beautiful russian babies! I cannot see if both are perfect yet but the first one is for sure. It came out of the shell with no yolk left? Was shaped like a football for the first 20 mins. But now almost completely round and hauling the mail around the nursery like a full grown tort.

Guessing they were waiting for the rainy season cause i misted the walls of the incubator slightly afew da 20200713_203625.jpg 20200713_203716.jpg ys ago and then had the first one pip sunday. Exactly at 9 wks old.

I made a few errors but one thing i did pretty well was leaving them alone except for absolute needs to check for duds, flies and allow oxygen exchange every 4 to 5 days. Even on candeling to make sure they were still getting progressing i never touched the eggs after washing them off with luke warm tap water and placing them slightly in vermiculite. I did changed the process with daily checks at 8 wks.

I think i might have confused with the cooler temps at 5 wks, accidentally unpluged the incubator thinking it was the plug to a thermostat Duh, temps dropped 10 degrees so maybe that stalled the pipping and thats why they absorbed all their yolk before hatching?

Amazing experience! Cannot believe a perfect little tort comes out of such a tiny eggs. This whole experience was due to error on my part not separating the little man so not sure i will do this again. He is not liking his new bacholar pad away from the gals...

Still just hoping all are healthy and that my errors do not cause any deformities.

Oh and i was wondering if anyone knows why the little eggs hatched quicker, is it normal for larger / much more mass eggs to incubate slower/ take more time due to the temperature difference with a larger eggs? The larger eggs were older and left in the ground, not sure how long just had slight little spots of chaulking when i found then. So they should actually be older?

So 11 eggs total, 2 hatched, 3 big eggs development looks to be at the 50 or so day cycle, and two second clutch chaluked with veins and 4 look to be infertile

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Mar 24, 2013
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how exciting, I hope you have hatchlings. !

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