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Russian Tortoise Outdoor Enclosure


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Nov 18, 2018
Location (City and/or State)
Ocala, Fl
Just wanted to share my Russians outdoor enclosure that was completely free of cost, as well as a spare enclosure next to it that I want to make use of.

Even though it isn't the best enclosure aesthetically, it makes an awesome pen, works well, and was free of charge.

We had the spare chicken wire/ metal fencing from the old chicken coops we used to have, and all the rocks used were previously used to decorate around trees on the property.

Those areas have become overgrown and I then took all those rocks and decided to build the tortoises' enclosure. We even had enough to make a layer below ground, so digging is prevented.

I also have many plants that I am growing that I can give to the tortoises whenever I haven't gone around the property gathering weeds.

We have five acres, and it's amazing how many weeds can be found all around the property. Especially during spring. It is rarely needed to buy produce.

In addition to all that, the enclosure right next to the russians is not used by any tortoises. I may get something soon, I don't know what though.