Russian Tortoise from breeder (Carol S)


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Jan 8, 2019
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My daughter had been saving and researching for keeping a tortoise for a long time now. I recently was able to finally get our Russian tortoise from Carol about two weeks ago. We had decided to get a younger Russian and couldn't find them locally. Through here, we came in contact with Carol and were able to put down a deposit so that we could get the tortoise after our vacation and when the winter storms were out of the way (from MN). I emailed Carol several times and she was extremely helpful through the long wait. She went out of her way to answer any questions and send pictures here and there to which my daughter was extremely thankful for! When the time was getting closer to shipping day, Carol was great about making sure everything went smoothly. She was able to send us all the vital information about the shipping and tracking, as well as help prepare a plan of what to do when the little shelled critter got to the house. It was all made so much easier by Carol's willingness to help her customers! The tortoise arrived and in perfect health. She's beautiful! And for the last 2 weeks she's been prospering and becoming more adventurous in her new enclosure. She has eaten well since day one and my daughter has been engrossed in monitoring her and the temperatures and everything else. haha We absolutely adore the tortoise! I cannot say enough good things about Carol. She was exactly the kind of breeder I was hoping to deal with. Thank you so much Carol!

I attached a couple photos of Bellatrix. (I try and call her Shellatrix, but I get the eyeroll and "stop, dad" lol) tort2.jpg tort1.jpg