Russian Building More Nests Within Days of Laying


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Sep 14, 2011
I have an older lady Russian named Boris. (Yes, Boris.) She a little over 20 years old, I believe. She's huge -- nearly 8 inches straight/linear measurement.

Boris lives with 3 other females and 1 very small & extraordinarily self-satisfied male. Well, she's laid twice so far this Spring. About 3 weeks ago and again 3 days ago.

Three days ago, she laid 2 large eggs, seemed finished, carefully tucked them in, covered them, patted down the surface, and looked quite self-satisfied. Immediately, she began eating. But... Just 1 day after she laid the eggs she began nesting again. She carefully dug a deep hole, sat in it almost perpendicular for perhaps 1/2 hour, then very carefully covered it up. I scoured the hole: No eggs. She's just done the exact same thing again this afternoon. So far, she's nested twice within 3 days of having laid.

Any ideas what's happening? She doesn't seem to be in any distress. When she's been in perpendicular laying position there's been neither apparent distress nor any silent screaming. Perhaps there are more eggs in this same batch which didn't emerge the first time? I've never had one of my girls do this before.

I'll appreciate hearing from anyone who can calm me down. I'm concerned that there may be some sort of problem, but again... She simply doesn't seem to be in pain or distress. Is a puzzlement.

Many thanks.


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Jan 23, 2008
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She might have another egg or two. X-Ray's are expensive, but that would be the only way to know if she's become egg bound.


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Nov 3, 2012
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It wouldn't be unusual for her to lay a few more. Mine laid a total of 4x this Spring. First time, 1 egg right after coming out of hibernation. Then a clutch of 3, then another clutch of 3, and then an unfound clutch outside, ...she was digging holes, and then I had to leave for the day, but her tail's stretchy appearance told me she had definitely laid again.

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