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Richard Fife writes about pyramiding

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Redfoot NERD

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Dec 5, 2007
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Heather you are wise to be "on board".. I spoke with Richard not long after that and used it for my redfoots -
being Omnivorous they could handle just about anything.. in their diet - so I "misted-them-til-they-drip" to coin a phrase.

What Richard did not mention in his article [ which he divulged in our conversation ] was that there were many who did not accept it. In fact they laughed him out of a meeting later on when he introduced the "temperature-sex" theory!

This is just one example of "mist-them-til-they-drip" -

[ see date lower right ] -

And to show that this is not an isolated case.. these are all 2 - 3 year olds raised in high ambient humidity -

And the best part is.. it doesn't matter where on the planet you live - it can be incorperated there too!

[ can you see those 3 monkeys today that don't want to - "hear it .. see it .. or speak it" ? ]
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