Rehoming Northern Blue Tongue Skink

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Oct 18, 2011
I have a beautiful captive bred Northern blue tongue skink that is full grown that I need to rehome. He is the sweetest skink , I hold him a lot and kids really love him.
He is extremely easy to take care of.
From lack of correct care before I got him his tail is a little kinked and he is missing some parts of his toes which is very common in skinks from being kept too dry while shedding.
He is very healthy and active and eats well though, those things I mentioned are merely cosmetic.
Feed him canned Pedigree Dog Food with thawed out frozen veggies mixed in it
Sprinkle some Calcium with D3 on it twice or so a week and he is set.
Of course he needs a good sturdy water bowl too
He likes deep slightly moist substrate that he can burrow it
I can ship him if need be
Local pick ups are welcome too, located in between Dallas and Tyler TX
I don't have a price set in my mind , and might not charge one if I know he is going to a good home because that's most important to me.
Email me at [email protected] if you are interested :) He is an awesome pet very sad to see him go



Temp requirements are during the day he needs around a 100 degree basking spot and good lighting
During the night needs to be below 80 degrees and dark so he can sleep
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