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Jun 6, 2021
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So within the last few years my neighborhood and general region in the north Houston area has undergone quite a bit of development. Recently we have been running into the issue of turtles and tortoises becoming displaced. Normally when a red ear slider or another aquatic turtle is found it just gets taken to one of the ponds. Today however someone posted they “rescued” a three toe box turtle (I believe) that was wondering in their yard. I have the ability to care for one for a short while but by my means am I looking to start a personal collection. I would be happy to start a temporary rescue/rehoming if it starts to become a more frequent problem. But before I do anything of the sort I’d like to get input from y’all who have more experience than I. I’ve heard that these guys only live in a small area in the wild and if they’re taken from home they’ll spend their whole lives looking for it. Should I take the guy back to the woods behind where we live as close as I can to their house or should I try to rehome him/her. If I should try to rehome would anyone on here have suggestions or want to take it in?


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