Red foot tortoises becoming big, please help with the correct enclosure!!!


Nov 11, 2020
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Hi all,

I have had my 5 RF tortoises since 2 years now. Now it's time to build them a bigger enclosure. My plan is to build an open 3x2 meters enclosure in the attic under 2 big windows where the light can come through. In the summer I can take them out in the garden during the day. I need your advice for several matters.

1. Although the enclosure will be under the window, there is hardly any sun in the winter here in the Netherlands. Which uvb light do you recommend for that enclosure, should it be tube or bulb? how wide should be the area with uvb light?
2. Should I use another uvb light on the other side of the enclosure or can I just use the Natural Light Ion from Exo Terra?
3. The normal room temperature will be 22 degrees, do I need to use more than on ceramic heating bulb in different areas in the enclosure?
4. Do you recommend to do the setup with closed sides and top to trap humidity in or will it be enough for them to spray water twice a day?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!