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Sep 29, 2018
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Westmoreland, NH
I posted this collage to a few of the local FB groups I belong to - little villages in new hampshire near where I live - and I've already heard back from neighbors.

I live with six tortoises, and they love summertime!

The best weeds and flowers grow at this time of year, and I'm lucky enough to get the tortoises outside to soak up some real sun and nibble on some real grass a couple of times each week for a few months... it's wonderful!

I'm able to grow and scavenge lots of weeds and flowers for them to enjoy during the warm months, but any help that local people could give would be appreciated (by the torts and by me).

Dandelions and Hibiscus (or Rose of Sharon) are their favorites, but I also use fresh leaves/branches from maple and birch trees for enrichment in their indoor and outdoor enclosures.

I live in Westmoreland, on Spofford Road, and if you have any of this stuff growing in your yard or driveway, and would be willing for me to come and grab a basketful, please drop me a line.

I'd be happy to bring one of the grateful torts by to thank you themselves, to show them off, and to give you some information about these fascinating creatures.

I've had offers to come by and take dandelions from multiple neighbors, offers for hibiscus deliveries from others, and inquiries about exchanges of fresh foodstuffs for tortoise introductions to children who've been doing online classes for over a year... All of it sounds great!

Even with my ill-kept lawn, I don't have enough dandelions to keep my torts happy all summer long, but my community certainly does.

I'm interested in what sort of interactions others on TFO have had with their communities, and how it's worked out for them, and their tortoises.



Lyn W

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Jul 22, 2014
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My only concern would be that the neighbours have used weed killers or pesticides etc on or near them in the last couple of years, but as long as they're safe, chemical free weeds it's a good idea.
Some of my neighbours have offered me their dandies but because they usually spray them I've had to decline.

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