Radiated Tortoises For Sale Sexed via laparoscopy

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Sep 5, 2011
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I expect to have 9 laparoscopically sexed 10 month old Radiated Tortoises for sale. In the enclosed photo, they are numbered. 1-14 Numbers 10,4,7 will not be available for sale. There are 2 that were too small to sex at this time. I will confirm which ones they are in the next day or so. The rest are male and female. I will know exactly which are which in a day or so. The price range will be 1400-3000 each depending on which tortoise you are interested in.
Must possess CBW permit or legally reside in the state of Florida. Shipping via Delta recommended due to colder weather emerging over the next weeks-months. Cost for shipping should be around 90$. I will provide additional pics to serious buyers only. If you do not have a CBW permit or reside in Florida, I will not provide any additional information. It is a lot of work to take photos of these guys only to have people collect images with no interest in buying.

Marked Juvenile radiata.jpg
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