Potential sick yearling Redfoot? Need help!


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Nov 15, 2011
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So I have my one year & 3 month old redfoot just recently moved in with my two new hatchlings from this spring (4 months).

the two new babies seem to be doing fine. Hiding as usual, active while eating.
But.. the yearling is constantly sitting in the water dish.
The temps near the hide/ dark area are 78-82
Middle of the tank gets to 90-92
Food/ water area of tank is 86-88

it’s a long tank, maybe that’s the problem? Any tips would make me feel so much better! The yearling is my first egg I’ve ever hatched after getting my Tortoises when I was in highschool as babies. His name is Aegon. I hope he’s okay. Here’s a pic of the setup attached.
p.s. normally the tank is covered with a blanket to help keep humidity in. Humidity stays constant between 70-80 with misting @AM , noon, night.
Thanks in advance


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Sep 6, 2011
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They are all in the tote or just the yearling?
If they are all in the tote, it not only is too small but a yearling should not be in with hatchlings.
Changes need to happen asap like get a bigger tote for the yearling and the two hatchlings can probably be fine in the tote in the pic. However, keep a close eye out for bullying as tortoises should not be kept in pairs.


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Jul 16, 2014
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I can't really see what's going on there.
But I agree with the not keeping 2 together.
Are those lights a coiled/spiral uvb and an MVB?
They will both cause issues.
An MVB has light that is too harsh. Doesnt provide reliable consistent heat, dries out the tortoises carapace. And doesn't provide reliable UVB.
A spiral/coiled uvb screw in bulb pinpoints uvb in one area. Often causes eye issues and like an MVB, it also causes distress to a Redfoot.
If one of those is a CHE and not an MVB. It needs to be on a thermostat to regulate the temperature.
In my opinion, NO PART of a Redfoot enclosure should be over 90°.
My suggested target temperature is 82°.
The correct UVB for a RF is either from actual sunlight a few hours a week or from a strip florescent T5 (or at the close distance of your enclosure, a T8 "5.0")


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