Please will an experienced Sulcata Owner give me advice.


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Jan 28, 2020
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YES, That is why.. I have tried EVERYTHING!! I realized I did a post in the wrong area, and I am new to this forum, but I will get the hang of it.. I did a NEW thread today, I think in the introduction part, with photo's.. Thank you so much for responding & helping me figure this out..
No problem! I quite often start a post talking about a specific picture and then forget to post the picture! 😂 Welcome to the forum!

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Oct 5, 2020
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SORRY SO LONG!! I wanted you to know alot about her so someone can help me..
My Scooter girl is 4 months old. I live in Florida and Scooter has an outdoor above ground enclosure and an inside enclosure. Normally Scooter Girl is out side from 10:00Am until 5:00OPm. Then after dinner feeding and a bath Scooter will go straight to bed in the inside enclosure. Its been raining the last two days so this is the first time Scooter has to be inside all day. Normally when it rains during the summer it is only 30 minutes tops soi bring her in and take her back out when it stops but last two days its raining & windy.. Scooter isn't happy, she isn't get normal self, not eating good at all and has loose watery stools now. Normally when i soak Scooter every day after 10 minutes she's had enough and tries climbing out & paces. Today Scooter laid in that water and i changed it 4 times because it was cooling off. Scooter laid there for 50 minutes and i still don't think she wanted out. I am really concerned about her because nothing she's doing is her normal behavior. She's been laying under the basking light for a long time. Scooter weighs 140 grams, is normally crazy active. Yes the outside enclosure is way bigger then the inside. I hover over Scooter twice a day while she runs the property. I say run because she really just goes all out. Also for the last 2 weeks Scooter doesn't want her hide in the inside enclosure. She wants to sleep in the hay. So i made a little hut hide out of hay for her and she sleeps in it every night. The humidity is at 75 and temp is 80-95. At night all lights go out and she's at room temp but never under 75 in her enclosure.. Now here's my question. I have towels on top of the screen to keep humidity in. I am going to get Plexiglas and have holes cut for the lights this week. Now that she's been inside for two days I'm misting the enclosure every few hours to keep humidity it up. I have a ceramic emitter heater and never used it. Should i put that bulb in for basking and if i put it on the screen will it give enough heat downward on the basking rock? Can i use the canister the lighting heat bulb is in or the wire canister that i have? My thought is if i use the wire one will that really give off enough heat for her if i have it on the screen? I think the heating bulb that gives off light is drying up the humidity and that's why i can't get it to stay up.. Should i give it a day or two to see if the diarrhea goes away because maybe it was something she has eaten to much of like cucumber, cactus, zucchini. Could the diarrhea be why she's not eating now? Please someone guide me. I've had her 3 months and i love her so much!! On 7-23'2020 Scooter was 68.4 now on. I feed Dandelions more often than any thing, romaine, green leaf lettuce, Mazuri LS and Mazuri big pellets, teff pellets, occasional grassland pellets, cactus, zucchini, cucumber, i pick grass and chop all the food together and mix the Mazuri in it most of the time or at least one of the feeding. Scooter eats twice a day. Scooter is just now eating grass so I'm trying every thing possible to get it in her. .Scooter LOVES wandering jew flowers. Hates Hibiscus flowers and leaves, grape leaves, mulberry leaves and i have access to all 3 but she hates them. If i sprinkle calcium with or without vitamin D she won't touch a single bite of her food but would eat a whole cuddle bone if i let her I break small pieces few times a week and give it to her
9-13-2020 She's 140 grams. I got Scooter on June 18 2020..
Water Crest,Cucuber, Zucchini I do not give to my Tort. water can cause loose stools and no nutritional calories.